Tipping In Vietnam

Tipping in Vietnam isn’t very straight forward and can be confusing to some. Vietnam is becoming more and more traveled and more of a place to see. The country is home of amazing beaches, crazy jungles and beautiful landscapes, so its no wonder people are traveling to Vientnam more. Wages are very low in Vietnam and everything is very cheap. Tipping has also started to become a bit more common as people travel. However, tipping should never be expected and should only be given for excellent service. Use our tipping guide below to figure out when to tip.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Vietnam Taxis: Just round up the fare, though tipping isn’t expected.


Tipping In Hotels In Vietnam Hotels: You may see a service charge on your bill in the tune of 5-10%. This doesn’t always go to the staff so a dollar or two to the staff at the end of your stay will go a long way.


Tipping In Restaurants In Vietnam Restaurants: If the service was good then you should tip about 5% of the bill. Don’t feel the need to tip if the service was bad though!


Tipping In Bars In Vietnam Bars: Similar to restaurants, if the server was good then 5% can go along way. If there wasn’t any service then don’t feel the need to tip.


Other Places To Tip In Vietnam Other: Guides and long term drivers usually deserve a tip. We think the equivalent of $5-10 is warranted if the service was good and you enjoyed your day!