Tipping In Algeria

Tipping In Algeria goes a long way when exploring the diverse country. Algeria is home of ancient ruins and holds a great portion of the Sahara desert. While traveling should be done with caution it still is a lovely country to see and explore. Since the wages are so low tipping is appreciated in Algeria. Use our guide to figure out when you should and shouldn’t tip.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Algeria Taxis: You will likely pre-negotiate your fare. If you do then a tip isn’t needed. However, if the driver is helpful then round up to the nearest 5-10 DA.


Tipping In Hotels In Algeria Hotels: You should tip the maid about 90-100 DA a night. You should leave this on the pillow as you may have another maid each day. For bell hops you should tip them about the same per bag.


Tipping In Restaurants In Algeria Restaurants: You should tip 10% of the total to the waiter.


Tipping In Bars In Algeria Bars: Though you might not see many bars, you should tip also 10% of your total to the bar tender.


Other Places To Tip  In Algeria Other: If you take a guide on any part of your trip you should tip him about 10-15% as well based on the experience. Because of the exchange rate and low wages tipping shouldn’t hurt the wallet to much.