Tipping In Greece

Tipping in Greece isn’t very common at all. We have seen people tipping a bit more in general but its still not a common practice. Like with most of Europe, Greece has great beaches and beautiful architecture. It is also amazing for traveling around the islands during the summer. So if your are in Athens or even the beautiful island of Santorini don’t worry too much about tipping. Use our guide below to help you on your travels around Greece!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Greece Taxis: Tipping taxi drivers is not required but you should aim to round up to make things easier.


Tipping In Hotels In Greece Hotels: You should tip the bell boy about a euro a bag and the maid a euro a night.


Tipping In Restaurants In Greece Restaurants: Greece has a rounding up policy when it comes to eating out. For small meals (under 10 Euro) round up the the nearest whole amount. If the bill is larger then you should tip about 5-10% based on service. Around 8% is very standard and appreciated.


Tipping In Bars In Greece Bars: Rounding up to the nearest whole amount is a nice gesture.


Other Places To Tip In Greece Other: Tipping is more required for tourists then the locals. However, because of this you will often get great service and you don’t have to tip anywhere like you would have to in the US.