Tipping In Bosnia

Tipping In Bosnia is part of the culture and is very common. In fact, Bosnia And Herzegovina is part of old Yugoslavia and became independent in 1992. It is a very beautiful country with very friendly people, it really is a site to see. Tipping is common around the country, so use our guide to figure out when to tip and when not to!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Bosnia Taxis: Taxis will often round there fare up but a few extra will go a long away.


Tipping In Hotels In Bosnia Hotels: Hotels will often round up there fare, however tipping the maid 50 cents a night will go a long way.


Tipping In Restaurants In Bosnia Restaurants: Tipping is expected in restaurants. You should aim to tip 5-10% based on the service.


Tipping In Bars In Bosnia Bars: Like restaurants tipping is expected, you should aim to tip 5-10% on the total.


Other Places To Tip In Bosnia Other: Prices in Bosnia And Herzegovina are very low so tipping does go a long way. Be sure to visit the outdoor markets and enjoy the shops and haggling with the vendors!