Tipping In Vatican City

The Vatican is the home of the Roman Catholic Church. At only .44 sq km it can easily be covered by foot in a day. Even though the areas is so mall it houses amazing culture and history. It is a must see for anyone going to Rome and wants to experience the Roman Catholic history. Don’t expect to tip, expect when inside the church or museums. Feel free to look through our guide and relax on your trip to The Vatican City.

Tipping In Taxis Taxis: You won’t be taking a taxi inside the Vatican. If you take a taxi to the Vatican a tip still isn’t expected.


Tipping In Hotels Hotels: There are no hotels in the Vatican walls! Unless you have the pope on speed dial of course!


Tipping In Restaurants Restaurants: Inside the museums are cafeteria style restaurants. Tipping isn’t expected at these restaurants.


Tipping In Bars Bars: You would be hard pressed to find a cocktail in the Vatican!


Other places to tip Other: While visiting the churches and museums you can tip to help with the upkeep and preservation.