Tipping In Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is home of beautiful mountainous landscapes and jaw dropping architecture. It is a very small country that is often passed over by backpackers but is one that shouldn’t be missed. Tipping isn’t very common or expected, but use our guide so you know when to tip on your travels in Liechtenstein!

Tipping In Taxis Taxis: A service charge is included in the taxi fare. You don’t have to tip otherwise.


Tipping In Hotels Hotels: Tipping in hotels isn’t common in Liechtenstein as a service charge will likely be included.


Tipping In Restaurants Restaurants: A service charge will be included in the bill. If service was exceptional then you can round up the total or tip around 5%.


Tipping In Bars Bars: A service charge will be included so there is no need to tip any extra.


Other places to tip Other: A service charge will be included on all your bills, so no other tips are expected in Liechtenstein!