Tipping In The United States

Tipping in The United States is very command and almost always expected. The United States is home of a wide variety of food and sites. Across the 50 states you have access to see almost anything and eat almost anything. However, with that comes a price. The United States is probably the biggest culture when it comes to tipping so make sure you know who to tip and how much when you travel. No matter if you are in New York on the East, or in California on the West, the tipping culture is the same. Use our tipping guide below to make your stay even better!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In The United States Taxis: Tip anywhere from 10-20% based on the ride and how the driver treats you.


Tipping In Hotels In The United States Hotels: If the bell boy was to handle your baggage then you should give him $1-2 a bag. You should give the door man $1-2 for helping you with taxis or if they are a valet also. You should also tip the maid about $2-5 a night depending on the hotel you are staying at


Tipping In Restaurants In The United States Restaurants: Tipping at restaurants is between 15-20%. Usually 18% is the average for good service. You should check the bill to make sure it isn’t already included. Usually parties of 6 or more will have the tip included.


Tipping In Bars In The United States Bars: You should tip $1 a drink, or 15-20% of the total bill if you are getting table service.


Other Places To Tip In The United States Other: Tipping is very common in the service industry in the United States. You should carry cash on you as you will be expected to tip often. A good rule of thumb is to tip 15-20% of the bill. If there is no bill to tip on then $1-2 is usually enough.


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