Tipping In Mali

Tipping In Mali isn’t customary but it is appreciated due to the low wages. While Mali is very dangerous at present, it is home of Timbuktu and The Great Mosque. Timbuktu is an amazing town with lots of history and The Great Mosque is a beautiful site to see. If you do decide to go use our tipping guide to figure out when you should trip on your adventures around Mali.


Tipping In Taxi Drivers In Mali Taxis: Not required but you could round up to show appreciation and make things easier.


Tipping In Hotels In Mali Hotels: Not required but if you are feeling generous then you could tip 200-500 CFA a bag.


Tipping In Restaurants In Mali Restaurants: Around 10% is usually expected for a nice meal. Otherwise rounding up is a good way to show appreciation.


Tipping In Bars In Mali Bars: Not required to tip at Bars, however rounding up is a nice gesture if you recieved good service.


Other Places To Tip In Mali Other: If you are doing a tour then the guide and driver will expect a tip. You should tip the guide about ~4000 to 5000 CFA a day and the driver half that.