Tipping In Iran

Tipping In Iran can be strange to some. Did you know the Iranian custom is to refuse a tip three times before accepting it? If after three times they still refuse then you can forget about tipping. Its something handy to know when traveling around Iran. However, there are times where you should tip so use our tipping guide below on your travels throughout Iran!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Iran Taxis: It is not expected, but you can round up the fare to make it easier.


Tipping In Hotels In Iran Hotels: No tipping is expected unless you are staying at a upscale western hotel. Then you should tip the normal rates of $1-2 a bag and $2-3 a night for the maid.


Tipping In Restaurants In Iran Restaurants: Tipping isn’t expected unless eating at an upscale restaurant. If you are then you should tip about 10% on top of the 10% service charge that will already be included.


Tipping In Bars In Iran Bars: Bars and alcohol isn’t common in Iran due to the strict Muslim laws. While you can drink you shouldn’t expect to tip if you do.

Other Places To Tip In Iran Other: Besides above you should tip any tour guide about 10% and the driver about 5%. Otherwise enjoy your time in Iran and take in the amazing sites it has to offer.