Tipping In Madagascar

Tipping in Madagascar isn’t very common for locals, but as a foreigner we are expected to tip. It is very common in the tourist industry and that’s how most of the workers make their wages. Madagascar is home of rich wildlife and is the forth largest island in the world. It really is a must see country for nature and culture enthusiasts. Use our tipping guide below to figure out when you should tip and how much!


Taxi Drivers In Madagascar Taxis: Not required but you could round up to show appreciation and make things easier.


Tipping In Hotels In Madagascar Hotels: If the bell boy was to handle your baggage then you should give him the equivalent of $1 a bag.


Tipping In Restaurants In Madagascar Restaurants: For European or Western style restaurants you should aim to tip 10%. The locals usually wont tip this much, but it is expected for foreigners.


Tipping In Bars In Madagascar Bars: Similar to restaurants, you should aim to tip 10% for bars catered to tourists.


Other Places To Tip In Madagascar Other: If you are doing a tour then the guide and driver will expect a tip. You should tip the guide the equivalent of $7-$10 and the driver between $5-$7 for full day tours.