Tipping In Romania

Tipping In Romania is very common and often expected. Romania offers great views and friendly people and is becoming a spot to see. Romania is very cheap compared to most of Europe but as always you should budget accordingly. Almost everyone tips on every occasion so it will be helpful to know how much! Use our guide below on your travels through Romania!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Romania Taxis: You don’t have to tip Taxi drivers, however it is a nice gesture to round up the total fare.


Tipping In Hotels In Romania Hotels: You should tip the bell boy 2 LEI a bag and the maid 4 LEI a day.


Tipping In Restaurants In Romania Restaurants: You should tip about 10% of the bill for service. If the service was very good then you should tip a bit more.


Tipping In Bars In Romania Bars: You should tip 10% of the total bill when at a bar.


Other Places To Tip In Romania Other: Tipping is such a big part of Romania that it is one of the only places where you have to tip at the hospital before you are seen! Hopefully this is something you can avoid on your trip!