Tipping In Peru

Tipping in Peru is pretty common, especially with the guides. Peru is home of rich wildlife and the Inca trail. With a guide you can see Machu Pichu and other jaw dropping Inca sites. It really is a must see country for nature and culture enthusiasts. Use our guide below to figure out when to tip and how much you should on your travels in Peru.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Peru Taxis: You don’t have to tip taxi drivers, you will negotiate a fare before hand which will include a tip.


Tipping In Hotels In Peru Hotels: If the bell boy was to handle your baggage then you should give him the equivalent of $1 a bag. The maid can be tipped the same per night if you are staying for more then a few nights.


Tipping In Restaurants In Peru Restaurants: If the service is not already included then 10% is a normal tip for a good experience.


Tipping In Bars In Peru Bars: Leaving a few soles for the bar tender is fair. They will appreciate the gesture too!


Other Places To Tip In Peru Other: If you are doing a tour then the guide and driver will expect a tip. You should tip the guide the equivalent of $7-$10 and the driver between $5-$7 for full day tours. This is per person as well. Trekking guides will expect double this as they will be with you most of the tour.