Tipping In New Zealand

Tipping in New Zealand isn’t common so save as much as you can as it can be expensive! New Zealand is a beautiful country but can be very expensive. It offer amazing landscapes and great outdoor adventure and really is a place that everyone should visit. Use our tipping guide to let you know when you should tip and when you should keep the change.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In New Zealand Taxis: Usually you just round up the fare to the nearest dollar so you don’t have to deal with change.


Tipping In Hotels In New Zealand Hotels: Never, but if a staff member goes above and beyond then a few dollars is appreciated.


Tipping In Restaurants In New Zealand Restaurants: It’s not required or expected, however if the staff does a good job then 10% is a fair tip. You may also see a tip jar in the restaurant which will be shared among the staff.


Tipping In Bars In New Zealand Bars: Not expected, again you may see a tip jar for the bar staff.


Other Places To Tip In New Zealand Other: Tipping isn’t a standard in New Zealand so don’t be expected to tip when you go out. Instead relax and enjoy the beautiful views New Zealand has to offer.