Tipping In Australia

Tipping In Australia isn’t common due to the high wages the service industry gets. Even though Australia may be expensive it is a beautiful country that everyone should see. It offers amazing landscapes and great one of a kind outdoor adventures. So use our tipping guide below so you can put money back in your pocket and stay in Australia longer!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Australia Taxis: Usually you just round up the fare to the nearest dollar so you don’t have to deal with change.


Tipping In Hotels In Australia Hotels: Never, but if a staff member goes above and beyond then a few dollars is appreciated.


Tipping In Restaurants In Australia Restaurants: It’s not required or expected, however if the staff does a good job then 10% is a fair tip. Usually with fine dining 10% is expected, only if the service is good though.


Tipping In Bars In Australia Bars: Not required, but rounding up or leaving the change is appreciated.


Other Places To Tip In Australia Other: Tipping isn’t a standard in Australia so don’t be expected to tip when you go out. Instead relax and enjoy the beautiful views Australia has to offer.


Our Tip For Australia Our Tip: Thinking of camping around Australia? Get this great eBook HERE to use as a camping guide on your travels around Australia!