Tipping In Egypt

Tipping In Egypt is a very important part of the Egyptian culture so be prepared to tip a lot on your travels. When you aren’t tipping though, you are bargaining so its always best to line your pockets with small change and bills. Use our tipping guide below to figure out who and when you need to tip on your stay in Egypt.

Note: No matter who you are tipping, always be discrete. It can be embarrassing to some to have to rely on your tips to get by so don’t be rude about it.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Egypt Taxis: You will almost always agree to the fee ahead of time. This fee includes tip so don’t feel the need to tip unless the driver goes above and beyond. If it is a metered taxi, then a 10% tip should be added.


Tipping In Hotels In Egypt Hotels: In Egypt you will need to tip everyone at the hotels. For a bell boy you should tip 10 LE for your bags. Also 10 LE for the doorman if he offers any services, such as calling a taxi. Housekeeping should also get 5-10 LE per night depending on the room size.


Tipping In Restaurants In Egypt Restaurants: There may be a service charge on your receipt but this doesn’t go to the waiters or waitress. Because of that you should tip about 10% of the final bill.


Tipping In Bars In Egypt Bars: 10% on the final bill or a LE or two with each drink. Again, usually about 10% of the cost.


Other Places To Tip In Egypt Other: Be prepared to tip while sightseeing too! You should tip the Guards 1-2 LE, bathroom attendants 1 LE, Groundskeepers 2-5 LE (assuming they hand provide you something) and any other employee providing some sort of service or function while you are out exploring.