Tipping In Croatia

No matter if you are traveling to Split or Dubrovnik tipping in Croatia isn’t very common. Just because it isn’t a big tipping culture doesn’t mean its not appreciated! The people of Zagreb and Istria are so friendly and are always providing an excellent service. However, use our guide below so you know when to tip during your travels in Croatia.


Tipping In Taxis In Croatia Taxis: Tipping taxi drivers in Croatia is not expected, but if it was a pleasant ride then you should round up.


Tipping In Hotels In Croatia
 Hotels: In Croatia you should tip the bell boy 15 Kuna if he helps you with your luggage and the maid 15 kuna a day if she keeps the room tidy.


Tipping In Restaurants In Croatia Restaurants: If service was good then you should tip about 10%. Beware there may be a cover charge for bread and water. This can be normal but you shouldn’t tip on this or discount your tip if you thing the cover charge is overboard.


Tipping In Bars In Croatia Bars: Simply round up. If you have a good bartender or a tab then a 10% tip at the end of the bill won’t hurt.


Other Places To Tip In Croatia Other: Croatia is an amazing country but outside what we mentioned above you won’t find much of a need to tip anywhere else.


Our Tips for Croatia Our Tip: Heading to Dubrovnik? Get this great eBook HERE to use as a guide with your travels around Dubrovnik!