Tipping In Yemen

Tipping in Yemen isn’t very common and is only seen in a few places. Unfortunately Yemen is in civil war currently and all government agencies have advised against traveling to Yemen. It’s a shame too as Yemen is a beautiful country with every area being a tourists dream! If you get a chance to go to Yemen use our tipping guide to figure out when you should tip on your vacation in Yemen!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Yemen Taxis: Tipping Taxi Drivers in Yemen isn’t common, but most people round up the fare.


Tipping In Hotels In Yemen Hotels: Tipping Hotel Staff in Yemen isn’t common or expected.


Tipping In Restaurants In Yemen Restaurants: Tipping In Restaurants in Yemen can go both ways. If you are eating in a nicer restaurant you will be expected to tip 10%. For smaller quick eats just rounding up the bill is suitable.


Tipping In Bars In YemenBars: Yemen is a dry country, so you will be hard pressed to find a drink in a bar!


Other Places To Tip In Yemen Other: Tipping isn’t common in Yemen, but if you are taking a tour you should aim to tip your guide 10% and your driver 5%. Check with your tour company prior just to be sure service isn’t already included.