Tipping In Martinique

Tipping in Martinique isn’t very common and follows closely to the tipping customs of France. Martinique is a beautiful Island destination in the Caribbean. Enjoy the sandy beaches and the hot sun while you are in Martinique! If you get a chance to go to Martinique use our tipping guide to figure out when you should tip on your vacation in Martinique!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Martinique Taxis: Tipping Taxi Drivers in Martinique isn’t expected, but for long journeys is appreciated. Be Ware though, taxis are expensive!


Tipping In Hotels In Martinique Hotels: Tipping Hotel Staff in Martinique isn’t common. A service charge is included in the price.


Tipping In Restaurants In Martinique Restaurants: Tipping In Restaurants in Martinique isn’t common and service charges are included in the price. If service was excellent a small extra tip is common.

Tipping In Bars In MartiniqueBars: No tipping is required in bars in Martinique. A service charge is already included!


Other Places To Tip In Martinique Other: Like France, tipping isn’t common in Martinique. Usually you tip for above and beyond service. Otherwise, a service charge is already included in the price.