Tipping In Montenegro

Tipping in Montenegro is becoming more and more common. The tourism industry is growing and Montenegro is becoming a more attractive place for tourists. Be sure to check out Kotor and the beautiful bay and surrounding areas! If you get a chance to go to Montenegro use our tipping guide to figure out when you should tip on your vacation in Montenegro!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Montenegro Taxis: Tipping Taxi Drivers in Montenegro is common, you should tip about 5-10% depending on the ride.


Tipping In Hotels In Montenegro Hotels: Tipping Hotel Staff in Montenegro is common as well. You should tip your bell boy a euro a bag and maid 2-3 euros a night. If staying in cheaper budget hotels, this isn’t required.

Tipping In Restaurants In Montenegro Restaurants: Be sure to check for service charges when dining in Montenegro. If one isn’t included you can round up the bill for smaller establishments. For fancier experiences a 10% tip is expected.


Tipping In Bars In MontenegroBars: Similar to restaurants, you should check for a service charge. If not then round up the bill for a tip.


Other Places To Tip In Montenegro Other: Tipping is becoming more common in Montenegro, but besides what we’ve mentioned you shouldn’t need to tip anywhere else!