Tipping In Puerto Rico

Tipping in Puerto Rico is just as common as the USA. That shouldn’t be surprised though, so get your wallets out and be ready to tip on your vacation in Puerto Rico. Don’t let the tipping habits put you off though, Puerto Rico is a beautiful country with amazing beaches and stunning scenery. If you get a chance to go to Puerto Rico use our tipping guide to figure out when you should tip on your vacation in Puerto Rico!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Puerto Rico Taxis: Tipping Taxi Drivers in Puerto Rico is common, you should tip about 10-15% depending on the ride.


Tipping In Hotels In Puerto Rico Hotels: Tipping Hotel Staff in Puerto Rico is common as well. You should tip your bell boy a dollar a bag and maid $2-5 dollars a night. Make sure you check to see if a service charge is already included in your bill though.


Tipping In Restaurants In Puerto Rico Restaurants: Be sure to check for service charges when dining in Puerto Rico. If one isn’t included you should tip 15-20%, if it is included and service was excellent a few extra dollars is warranted.


Tipping In Bars In Puerto RicoBars: Similar to restaurants, you should check for a service charge. If not then tip a dollar a drink or 15% of the total bill.


Other Places To Tip In Puerto Rico Other: Tipping is common all over Puerto Rico. Like the USA, be expected to tip. A rough guide is to tip 15% of the bill with more or less dependent on service. Just be sure a service charge isn’t already included in your final bill!