Tipping In Germany

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Germany, the home of bratwurst and thousands of delicious beers. Tipping can be common in Germany but you need to know when to tip and where. Simply leaving change at the table isn’t normal so be sure to read our guide on how to properly tip while you tour Germany.



Taxis Taxis: Its not expected, but rounding up the nearest Euros is appreciated.


Hotels Hotels: Tipping is normally expected in hotels if the service is good. 1-3 Euros for the bell boy and 3-5 Euros a night for the maid staff. This can be left on the bed nightstand every night.


Restaurants Restaurants: Service and tax is included in the price, that being said it is normal to round up or tip 5-10% on the bill. When a waiter or waitress comes to your table you must tell them how much you wish to pay. So if the bill is 8 Euro you would say 10 Euro if you want to leave a small tip.


Bars Bars: You almost always run a tab in bars so a 10% tip at the end of the bill is considered normal. Like restaurants you shouldn’t just leave the tip on the table but let the staff know you are tipping.


Other Other: Germany is a great country but outside what we mentioned above you won’t find much of a need to tip anywhere else.

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