Tipping In Colombia

Tipping in Colombia is pretty common, and can often be included in the bill already. Don’t let that put you off though, as Colombia is a country for everyone! It has beaches on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and amazing cities like Bogota and Cali. It is also home of some amazing trekking arounds the vast mountains that make up its landscape. Use our tipping guide below to figure out when you should tip and when you shouldn’t!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Colombia Taxis: Tipping a taxi driver is not required or expected. If the driver has been patient and nice then rounding up doesn’t hurt.


Tipping In Hotels In Colombia Hotels: You should tip the bell boy about $1 a bag. You should also tip the maid $1-2 per night.


Tipping In Restaurants In Colombia Restaurants: You should see a 10% service charge on the bill titled “propina voluntaria”. You are not required to pay this, but most do as it is the suggested tip. No tip is required on top of this charge.


Tipping In Bars In Colombia Bars: Like restaurants you may see “propina voluntaria”, which is 10% of the total bill. If not then you should tip $.50-$1 a drink.


Other Places To Tip In Colombia Other: If taking a tour then you should tip 5-10% of the total. If you have a driver on the tour then you should tip him about half that price.