Tipping In Brazil

Tipping in Brazil is custom in most cases, however the percentage isn’t as high as the US. With the World Cup coming to Brazil in 2014 and then the Summer Olympics in 2016 it will be handy to know when and when not to tip on your travels. Use the below guide to figure out when and where you should tip while in Brazil.

Tipping Taxi Drivers In Brazil Taxis: Usually you will round up in order to not have to deal with change. Nothing else is expected otherwise.


Tipping In Hotels In Brazil Hotels: If the bell boy was to bring your baggage then you should give him 1-2 Real per bag. Housekeeping normally gets 5 Real a day and you can give this at the end of your trip.


Tipping In Restaurants In Brazil Restaurants: Almost always a 10% service charge will be added to the bill. You should see this as ‘serviço’ on the itemized bill. If not, then it is standard to leave 10% if the service was good.


Tipping In Bars In Brazil Bars: 10% is a good general tip for a bartender. In nightclubs or more popular bars you this will already be included in the bill.


Other Places To Tip In Brazil Other: If staying on the beach then you should tip the person who rents you the chairs and brings you your food. They will remember you and provide good service throughout the day and your returning visits.