Tipping In Mexico

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Traveling to Mexico soon and wondering how much to leave for a tip? Mexico uses the peso as its local currency and follows the general guidelines of the US for tipping. It is standard to tip 15-20% in most places, but its not exactly the same as the US. The below guide will help you and show you when you should tip and when you shouldn’t.



Taxis Taxis: A taxi drivers tip is included in the fare so only tip if the driver goes above and beyond, such as loading and unloading your luggage.


Hotels Hotels: You should tip the bell boys about 10-20 pesos per bag plus a bit more if they are very heavy. Housekeeping should be tipped 20-50 pesos per night depending on the amount of occupants and quality of hotel. You should tip each day as the house keeper will often be different the next day.


Restaurants Restaurants: It is standard to leave a 15% tip when dinning out. Sometimes a tip may be included so look out for ‘propina’ on your bill.


Bars Bars: Its customary to tip 15-20 pesos per round. If you are running a tab then you should leave a 15-20% tip when closing the tab.


Other Other: If you were to go to a grocery store then you should tip the bagger. They don’t earn any money and only work on tips.


Our Tip Our Tip: Always wanted to move to Mexico but have been to scared? Looking to travel a bit and learn more about the Spanish lifestyle? Use this guide HERE to get started on a once in a lifetime adventure.


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