Tipping In Morocco

Tipping in Morocco is fairly common and quite custom actually. Casablanca and Marrakesh are surrounded by delicious food, mountains, amazing landscapes and friendly people. Its important to know who to tip and when to tip while you are traveling in Morocco and its beautiful cities. Tipping is an important part of Moroccan culture so be sure to cary small change around with you. Our guide will provide you will all the information you need for tipping on your travels in Morocco.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Morocco Taxis: Unless you pre-negotiate the price then you should round up on metered taxis to the nearest 5 dirhams.


Tipping In Hotels In Morocco Hotels: You should tip the bell boys about 10 dirhams a bag. You should tip the maid about 100 dirhams for a weeks stay


Tipping In Restaurants In Morocco Restaurants: You should leave about 10% of the bill. Do check to make sure its not already included though. Restaurants will often add it for foreigners.


Tipping In Bars In Morocco Bars: As with restaurants you should tip 10% of the final bill or a few dirhams per drink.


Other Tipping In Morocco Other: Tipping is very common on Morocco, so you should be prepared to tip anyone that offers a service. If someone handles your bags or shows you around then you should tip 10 dirhams if not more. Otherwise 10% of the bill is a safe bet.