Tipping In Belarus

Belarus is known for its beautiful views, friendly people and amazing history! Its often left untraveled by most but is a country that shouldn’t be missed! Tipping isn’t very common, but use our guide so you know when to tip on your travels in Belarus!

Tipping In Taxis Taxis: Rounding up the fare to the nearest whole amount is a suitable tip for taxi drivers.


Tipping In Hotels Hotels: Tipping in hotels isn’t expected or custom in Belarus.


Tipping In Restaurants Restaurants: Tipping isn’t expected in Belarus, if you are feel you received good service then you can tip around 5% of the bill.


Tipping In Bars Bars: Tipping in bars isn’t common in Belarus.


Other places to tip Other: Tipping in Belarus isn’t common but it is appreciated when received. Don’t feel the need to tip unless you’ve received excellent service.