Our 100th Guide Is Complete!


Today we hit our 100th tipping guide! Georgia was our 100th guide and we are proud of it! We have been writing guides for the past year and helping thousands of people on their holidays. Surprisingly, we still have  a long way to go in order to complete a guide for every country in the world! In fact, we are only at 38%!

As we continue writing guides it would be great if you could help us on the way! There are a few ways you can help us and we would be extremely grateful if our readers would!


Comment on mistakes or inconsistencies on our guides:

We have done a lot of research for each guide we write. Sometimes we ask the locals in the industries, other times its our own experience and sometimes its just talking to other travelers and seeing how they feel about tipping in certain places. However, we are human and we do make mistakes! So if you see a mistake that needs editing please comment on the guide and let us know!


Let us know if there are any new categories you want to see:

We cover tipping Taxi Drivers, Hotels (Bell Boys & Maids), Restaurants, Bars and then an overall general category. However, is there any other categories you would like to see? Something specific that would benefit you on your travels? If so please comment on this post and let us know!


Let us know what kind of tips and deals you are most interested in:

Since our website is linked to travel we do get a lot of exclusive deals & discounts from various travel agencies! We are now looking to pass these deals onto our readers! What deals are you most interested in though? Savings on hotels? Flights? All inclusive packages? Let us know below so we can focus on passing these deals onto you!


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Thank you for all your help so far and we look forward to continuing to write more tipping guides for you! Happy Tipping!