Turkey is home of amazing sites and many natural wonders of the world. Istanbul is a buzzing city with a lot of night lift and culture. If traveling to Turkey you should know when to tip and when you shouldn’t. Use our guide below to figure out when you should tip on your travels through Turkey.



Taxis Taxis: It is customary to round up the fair to the nearest whole amount. Otherwise a tip isn’t expected.

Hotels Hotels: You should tip the bell boy TL2-3 per bag. You should also leave the maid TL2-3 per night.


Restaurants Restaurants: If service isn’t included you should tip 5-10% in modest restaurants. In high end restaurants you should tip 10-15% of the total.


Bars Bars: If service isn’t included then it is customary to round up the bill.


Other Other: If going to a turkish bath then you should tip 10-20%. 15% is the average and often expected from you.