Tipping In Switzerland

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Switzerland is home of great trekking and amazing outdoor snow sports. The mountain ranges are beautiful and the people are friendly. Service has been included in almost all bills for the past 30+ years, so additional tipping isn’t common. There are still one or two instances where tipping is common so use our guide below to figure out when you should tip and when you shouldn’t on your travels around Switzerland.



Taxis Taxis: Not required but rounding up the fair makes things easier for everyone.


Hotels Hotels: You can tip the bell boy 1-2 Franc per bag. If staying at a nicer hotel then you should tip the maid 1-2 Franc a night.


Restaurants Restaurants: Service will be included on the bill so no additional tip is required.


Bars Bars: Like restaurants service is included in the bill so no tipping is required.


Other Other: Service is included in almost all prices in Switzerland so sit back and relax on your travels as no additional tip will be required.


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