Tipping In Spain

Tipping in Spain isn’t a big part of the Spanish culture but it does exist. Spain is home of delicious tapas and Barcelona is home of great beaches. The people are friendly and the views are amazing. It really is a country for any type of traveler and a place everyone should see. Use our tipping guide below when traveling through Spain and figure out when you should tip on your adventure!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Spain Taxis: You don’t have to tip Taxi drivers, however it is a nice gesture to round up the total fare.


Tipping In Hotels In Spain Hotels: You should tip the bell boy 1 Euro a bag and the maid 1 Euro a day if staying for a few days. Tipping the maid isn’t expected in mid range hotels though.


Tipping In Restaurants In Spain Restaurants: In upscale restaurants you will be expected to tip about 10% of the bill. In other restaurants you should round up a few Euro or tip about 5%.


Tipping In Bars In Spain Bars: Not expected but you can round up to the nearest Euro.


Other Places To Tip In Spain Other: Tipping isn’t to common in Spain, however feel free to reward great service with a Euro or two. Otherwise relax and enjoy your travels around Spain!


Our Tip For Spain Our Tip: Always wanted to move to Spain but have been to scared? Looking to travel a bit and learn more about the Spanish lifestyle? Use this guide HERE to get started on a once in a lifetime adventure.