Tipping In South Korea

Tipping in South Korea isn’t as common as you would think. In fact throughout the country the tipping culture is often the same. South Korea is so large and so diverse that it is a perfect destination for everyone. It has great mountains for the outdoor lovers and amazing cities for those that want to see something flashy. Use our tipping guide below to figure out when you should tip on your travels around South Korea.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In South Korea Taxis: You don’t have to tip Taxi drivers, however it is a nice gesture to round up the total fare or telling him to keep the change.


Tipping In Hotels In South Korea Hotels: No tipping is required. At major hotels your bill may include a 10% service charge though.


Tipping In Restaurants In South Korea Restaurants: No tipping is required. At some nicer restaurants you may see a service charge on your bill. This could be in the range of 3-10%


Tipping In Bars In South Korea Bars: No tipping required. In an upscale bar you may see a service charge on your bill though.


Other Places To Tip In South Korea Other: Tipping isn’t a big part of the South Korean culture. If you feel someone went above and beyond then you can tip up to 10%, however it should only be done so under very special circumstances.