Tipping In Lithuania

Tipping in Lithuania isn’t very common, but sometimes is warranted when receiving good service. Lithuania is part of the baltic states and regained its independence in 1991 from the old USSR. Lithuania is a beautiful country with amazing sites and some of the friendliest people. Use our tipping guide below to figure out when you should tip on your travels around Lithuania!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Lithuania Taxis: Tipping a taxi driver isn’t common or expected. You can round up to make things easier.


Tipping In Hotels In Lithuania Hotels: Tipping hotel staff isn’t common or expected.

Tipping In Restaurants In Lithuania Restaurants: You should check to see if service is included on the bill. If it isn’t then you should tip 5-10% for good service.


Tipping In Bars In Lithuania Bars: Tipping bar tenders isn’t expected, you may see a tip jar on the counter to throw change in though.


Other Places To Tip In Lithuania Other: Tipping isn’t very common in Lithuania, so don’t feel the need to tip while you travel around the country!