Falkland Islands

Off the coast of Argentina likes the The Falkland Islands with great terrains and amazing bird life. Often explored by cruise ships its still a great place to see on your travels around South America. Tipping isn’t common on the Falkland Islands though. Still, use our guide below to see when you should tip on your travels around The Falkland Islands.

Taxis Taxis: Tipping a taxi driver isn’t expected, though rounding up does make things easier.


Hotels Hotels: No tipping is expected in The Falkland Islands hotels.


Restaurants Restaurants: Tipping isn’t expected at restaurants. You can round up or leave the change if the service was good though!


Bars Bars: No tipping is required in The Falkland Islands bars.


Other Other: Tipping isn’t in the The Falkland Islands culture. If you are doing a tour or a cruise then you should see if gratuity is included. If not then you should aim to tip around 5% of the cost if you enjoyed your tour.