Tipping In Tuvalu

Tipping in Tuvalu isn’t common nor expected. It takes after Australia as well as using the Australia dollar as its official currency. Tuvalu is most famous for its beaches and relaxing lifestyle. The Funafuti Conservation Area is a great place to explore on your holiday in Tuvalu! If you do get a chance to go to Tuvalu use our tipping guide to figure out when you should tip on your vacation in Tuvalu!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Tuvalu Taxis: Tipping taxi drivers in Tuvalu is not expected nor required.


Tipping In Hotels In Tuvalu Hotels: Tipping in hotels in Tuvalu isn’t commom nor expected. If you are in a high class hotel you may be expected to tip a small amount.


Tipping In Restaurants In Tuvalu Restaurants: Tipping in restaurants in Tuvalu isn’t expected. If you go to a nice restaurant and the service was excellent then a tip may be warrented.


Tipping In Bars In TuvaluBars: Tipping bartenders in Tuvalu isn’t expected nor required.


Other Places To Tip In Tuvalu Other: Tipping in Tuvalu isn’t common, it takes after Australia where tipping is usually only at high class establishments. Sit back and relax and enjoy your holiday!