Tipping In Guinea-Bissau

Tipping in Guinea-Bissau isn’t common nor expected. Chances are Guinea-Bissau isn’t going to be high on your travel list though. It isn’t an easy country to get into with visa being hard to obtain and crime is high. The Bijagos Islands are a great part of Guinea-Bissau though and a must see for all travellers! If you do get a chance to go to Guinea-Bissau use our tipping guide to figure out when you should tip on your vacation in Guinea-Bissau!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Guinea-Bissau Taxis: Tipping taxi drivers in Guinea-Bissau is not expected nor required. If the service was good you can round up the fare.


Tipping In Hotels In Guinea-Bissau Hotels: Tipping in hotels in Guinea-Bissau isn’t commom nor expected. If you are in a high class hotel you may be expected to tip a small amount to the bag handlers and maid.


Tipping In Restaurants In Guinea-Bissau Restaurants: Tipping in restaurants in Guinea-Bissau isn’t expected. If you go to a nice restaurant and the service was excellent then you should tip up to 10%. Just make sure the tip isn’t already included in the bill.


Tipping In Bars In Guinea-BissauBars: Tipping bartenders in Guinea-Bissau isn’t expected nor required. If the service was excellent you can leave up to 10%.


Other Places To Tip In Guinea-Bissau Other: Tipping in Guinea-Bissau isn’t common, so sit back and relax and enjoy your holiday!