Tipping In Gambia

Tipping in Gambia can be a bit confusing as there is no real common practice. Service charges aren’t included in prices and some may expect a tip while others won’t. Don’t worry though we have it covered in our guide below! Gambia is most known for birdwatching, with bird watchers coming from all over the world to view the wildlife! Enjoy your travels though and use our guide to figure out when you should tip on your vacation in Gambia!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Gambia Taxis: Tipping taxi drivers in Gabon is not expected, but if it was a pleasant ride then you should round up.


Tipping In Hotels In Gambia Hotels: Hotels include a service charge usually within the cost. That being said, you are still expected to tip the bell boy and pool boy. The hotel may suggest you tip the maid as well. Usually the classier the hotel the more you will be expected to tip. Expect about 25 GMD for the bellboy and 200 GMD for the maid for a weeks service.


Tipping In Restaurants In Gambia Restaurants: While a service charge is included you should expect to tip up to about 7.5% of the bill. The better the service, and the classier the restaurant then the higher the tip.


Tipping In Bars In GambiaBars: Tipping bartenders in Gambia isn’t common. Don’t expect to tip unless you receive table service.


Other Places To Tip In Gambia Other: If you are taking an organized tour in Gambia than usually you should expect to tip the driver and guide. Depending on the length of the tour you should tip 100 GMD – 200 GMD to the guide and half of that to the driver. Of course, this is all dependent on the quality received from the guides and driver. When using specialist guides,such as birdwatchers, you should expect to tip double this.