Tipping In Iceland

Tipping in Iceland can put an already expensive bill over the edge! If you didn’t know, Iceland can be very expensive, but thankfully gratuity is included in most prices in Iceland. Because of this tipping really is only for above and beyond service. Even then its normal only to just round up the bill to the nearest whole amount or 10%. Use our guide below to get make your travels in Iceland that much easier.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Iceland Taxis: Never, service is included in the price.


Tipping In Hotels In Iceland Hotels: Never, service is included in the bill and nothing more is expected.


Tipping In Restaurants In Iceland Restaurants: Never, service is included in the bill. If you are dinning at a nice restaurant with exceptional service then rounding up to the nearest whole amount is acceptable.


Tipping In Bars In Iceland Bars: Never, bartenders don’t expect tips.


Other Places To Tip In Iceland Other: You may see small tip jars in coffee shops and bars as you are out and about. However, you aren’t expected to tip so don’t feel the need to throw the change in them.