Tipping In Greenland

Tipping in Greenland isn’t very common, but thats not really a surprise. Greenland isn’t often traveled, but it is one adventure everyone must do. If you are into hiking and the out doors it really is a country to see. You can hike pretty much anywhere and camp wherever you please. The climate can be harsh though so make sure you pack well when on your travels. Use our tipping guide below to see when you should tip and where.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Greenland Taxis: Not required but you should round up to make things easier.


Tipping In Hotels In Greenland Hotels: Not required as service is included in the price.


Tipping In Restaurants In Greenland Restaurants: Not required as service will be included in the bill. However, if the service was very good a bit extra is generous and appreciated.


Tipping In Bars In Greenland Bars: As with restaurants, service is included in the bill. You can tip a bit if the service was very good.


Other Places To Tip In Greenland Other: The people of greenland are very friendly and have a lot to offer. Since service is included in the price tipping isn’t expected in most places. It is still highly appreciated when offered though!