Tipping In Finland

Tipping in Finland isn’t common though it is a nice gesture. Finland is a beautiful country with terrific landscapes and friendly people. Tipping has never been common in Helsinki or the rest of Finland, however people are starting to tip a bit more. Usually a service charge will be included on your bills, however if you really enjoyed your experience then a few extra euros will go a long way. Use our guide below before you travel to Finland!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Finland Taxis: Not required but rounding up the fair makes things easier for everyone.


Tipping In Hotels In Finland Hotels: A service charge will be on your bill. You can tip a few extra euros if the maid or bellboy provided a good service.


Tipping Restaurants In Finland Restaurants: Service will be included on the bill. If you did receive exceptional service then feel free to round up the bill a few euros.


Tipping In Bars In Finland Bars: Not required, but rounding up or leaving the change is appreciated.


Other Places To Tip In Finland Other: As mentioned, tipping isn’t very standard in Finland so don’t expect to tip everytime you go out. Instead relax and enjoy the beautiful views Finland has to offer.