Tipping In Chad

Tipping in Chad isn’t standard, however it is often expected. Chad is home of amazing sandstone formations with a lot of rich history. While traveling should be done with caution it still is a lovely country to see and explore. Use our tipping guide below to figure out when you should and shouldn’t tip on your travels!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Chad Taxis: If the service was good you should round up the fair.


Tipping In Hotels In Chad Hotels: Tipping goes a long way to the staff if they go above and beyond. Small change is good for the bell boy and maid.


Tipping In Restaurants In Chad Restaurants: Service won’t be included but 10% is normal if you look like you can afford a tip.


Tipping In Bars In Chad Bars: Like restaurants service wont be included. You should round up as it will likely be expected as a traveler.


Other Places To Tip In Chad Other: Chad doesn’t have standards on how to tip, however the basic guideline is 10% or rounding up. You will be expected to tip if you look like you can afford one.