Tipping in Angola often isn’t encouraged, but there are times where you will need to. Angola is home of Parque Nacional da Kissama. This is the biggest wild life park in Angola and is a must see. Since its on the coast you get a huge range of animals to see and lots of terrain to explore. Use our tipping guide below to figure out when you should tip on your travels!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Angola Taxis: Though its not common to tip you should round up the fair if the ride was good.


Tipping In Hotels In Angola Hotels: You may see a service charge on your hotel bill, but tipping goes a long way to the staff if they go above and beyond.


Tipping In Restaurants In Angola Restaurants: Tipping isn’t encouraged but if you had good service you can round up to 10%.


Tipping In Bars In Angola Bars: Not common to tip at bars so don’t feel the need to. If you enjoyed yourself then you can round up the total.


Other Places To Tip In Angola Other: The only time you really should tip in Angola is when doing a tour. You should tip the guide about 10% of the total and the driver about 5%