Belize is home of the great blue hole and has some of the best diving opportunities. Outside of that there are amazing beaches and some great hikes. Tipping is becoming more common as more people explore the country. Use our guide below to figure out when you should tip and when you shouldn’t on your travels through Belize.

Taxis Taxis: Tipping a taxi driver isn’t required. You should negotiate the fare before you get in the taxi.


Hotels Hotels: You should check your hotel receipt and see if a 10% service charge has been included. If so this covers the cost of house keeping and bell hops. If not then you should tip .50-$1 per bag and $1-2 a night for the house keeper.



Restaurants Restaurants: The locals very rarely tip, however it is expected as a tourist. In the upper scale restaurants a 10-15% tip may already be included. If not then 10% is a fare tip for all range of restaurants. Lower end restaurants won’t expect a tip though.


Bars Bars: Bar tenders don’t expect tips. In the up scale bars you may see 10% included on the bar bill.


Other Other: If you are diving then you should tip your dive master about $5 a tank.