While most Americans can’t go to Cuba a lot of the world can. It is a very popular tourist destination for Canadians! Tipping is very common in Cuba and is expected while you explore the beautiful island. Always tip in the local currency as it is hard for Cubans to exchange foreign currencies. Use your guide below to figure out when you should tip on your travels through Cuba.

Taxis Taxis: Tipping a taxi driver is common. You should aim to tip about 10% of the fare.


Hotels Hotels: You should tip the bell boy 1 CUC for bringing your bags up to your room. You should also tip the maid 1 CUC a night for cleaning the room.


Restaurants Restaurants: You should expect to tip when going out to restaurants. Most add 10% to the bill, however if it isn’t added then you should tip 10%.


Bars Bars: Tipping in bars is expected. Tip 10% to the bar tender of the final bill.


Other Other: You should tip 2 CUC per person per day for your tour guide. If you are staying at an all inclusive resort you should tip 20-30 CUC per week. You should split this up in 1 CUC amounts and hand it out to the various staff over the week.