Tipping in Albania is becoming more common as more people travel to the diverse country. Albania is full of amazing castles and beautiful coast lines. Add Albania to your travel list to explore all its amazing views. As you travel use our tipping guide below to figure out when you should tip on your travels through Albania.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Albania Taxis: Not common but rounding up the fair is generous.


Tipping In Hotels In Albania Hotels: It is not common to tip hotel staff, however if someone was to help you with your bags then you should tip 100-200 LEK.


Tipping In Restaurants In Albania Restaurants: It is common to round up the fair. You should aim to leave about 5-10% depending on service.


Tipping In Bars In Albania Bars: No need to tip unless you have someone taking your order. If so then you should tip 5-10%.


Other Places To Tip In Albania Other: Tipping in Albania is becoming a bit more common as the western world begins to explore. However, its not necessary to tip 15+%! Keep this in mind as you travel around Albania.