Tipping In Luxembourg

Tipping In Luxembourg can be a bit common which is a surprise compared to the rest of the EU. Even though Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries of the European Union it doesn’t mean it isn’t well traveled. It is a great vacationing spot and is traveled by many. When visiting Luxembourg you should know who to tip and when. Use our tipping guide on your travels to enjoy the most out of Luxembourg.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Luxembourg Taxis: Drivers will expect about a 10% tip. Usually you can just round up to meet this though.


Tipping In Hotels In Luxembourg Hotels: Tipping is normally expected in hotels if the service is good. 1-2 Euros for the bell boy and 2-3 Euros a night for the maid staff. This can be left on the bed nightstand every night.


Tipping In Restaurants In Luxembourg Restaurants: A 15% service is usually added to the bill. If you received very good service you should leave a few additional euro. At higher end restaurants you will be expected to add an additional 10% for service


Tipping In Bars In Luxembourg Bars: Like restaurants a 15% service charge should be included. If services was very good and you enjoyed yourself then you should leave an a few extra euros or round off the total.


Other Places To Tip In Luxembourg Other: Luxembourg is a great country but outside what we mentioned above you won’t find much of a need to tip anywhere else.