Tipping In South Africa

Tipping in South Africa is very common and often expected. South Africa offers some amazing out door activities and some of the best guided tours in the world. With lots to do around the country its no surprise tipping is very common. When traveling to South Africa you should be prepared to tip. Use our guide below to figure out when you should tip on your travels!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In South Africa Taxis: You should tip taxi drivers about 10% of the total fare.


Tipping In Hotels In South Africa Hotels: You should tip the bellboy about 10 RAND per bag and you should tip the maid about 15 RAND per night.


Tipping In Restaurants In South Africa Restaurants: You should expect to tip between 10-15%. Make sure service isn’t already included on the bill though, as they will add it for larger parties.


Tipping In Bars In South Africa Bars: As with restuarants you should aim to tip 10-15% in bars. If you have a sit down service with a large group make sure gratuity isn’t already included though.


Other Tipping In South Africa Other: When taking a guided tour you should expect to tip the guide about 10% of the cost or around 10 RAND per person. If you have a separate driver and guide then you should tip the guide 15 RAND and the driver about 10 RAND. You should also tip gas attendants 5 RAND and car guards about 2-5 RAND.