Tipping In Singapore

Tipping in Singapore isn’t very common and its no surprise! Singapore is a very small country on a very small island. It is home of some of the friendliest people and second biggest port in the world. There is lots to see around the cities and still plenty of places to relax and enjoy the sites. Make sure you use our tipping guide below so you don’t double tip all throughout your stay!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Singapore Taxis: Not required but you could round up to show appreciation and make things easier.


Tipping In Hotels In Singapore Hotels: Service charge may be on your hotel bill already. Because of this you aren’t expected to tip. However, you can tip the bell boy a few $ if he is going to handle your bags.


Tipping In Restaurants In Singapore Restaurants: Service charge will likely already be on the bill. This will be about 10% of the total. You don’t have to tip on top of this unless you received great service. Then you should give a tip directly to the staff, otherwise it could go right back to the establishment.


Tipping In Bars In Singapore Bars: Similar to restaurants, service will be included on the bill. If you received exceptional service then you can give a tip directly to the staff.


Other Places To Tip In Singapore Other: Singapore isn’t a tipping culture and it can still be discouraged so don’t feel the need to tip everyone. Instead enjoy your time and relax on your vacation.