Tipping In North Korea

Tipping In North Korea isn’t a common phrase you will ever hear, that’s for sure! In fact, not many people will ever make the journey. It is possible though!

As you know, North Korea isn’t known as the safest place to travel, however some people do take tours and visit the country. While it likely isn’t recommended by your countries government there are still options. The first is to go into the DMZ from South Korea. While you won’t get the full experience you will see a bit of North Korea for the day.

The other option is from China and involves a multi day tour. This usually provides a great experience but it is still very strict and you must ALWAYS stick with the guides.

Whatever your choice may be, tipping isn’t a concern except for your tour guides. Check below to see how you should tip them on your travels into North Korea!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In North Korea Taxis: Since you will be on a tour you won’t likely be getting in a taxi.


Tipping In Hotels In North Korea Hotels: All accommodation will be provided so no tipping is required.

Tipping In Restaurants In North Korea Restaurants: All meals will be provided so no tipping is required.


Tipping In Bars In North Korea Bars: During meals you will be able to get local beer and wine, but again it will be through the tour so no tipping is required.


Other Places To Tip In North Korea Other: Now, tipping the guides and drivers is something you should think about. Most tips should be in the form of small gifts. Cigarettes, chocolate and fruit will all be greatly appreciated. If you want to tip with money then USD, Euro and RMB are the preferred currencies.