Tipping In India

Tipping In India can be overwhelming as it doesn’t really have a tipping tradition. However, with that said tipping is expected from you as a tourist. In fact, it’s usually frowned upon if you don’t tip while in some of the more tourist populated areas! So use our tipping guide below and see how much you should tip and when you should tip on your travels in India.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In India Taxis: It is not expected, but you can round up the fare to make it easier.


Tipping In Hotels In India Hotels: You should tip about 20-30 rupees per bag to the bell boy, or anyone who helps you with your bag on your travels.


Tipping In Restaurants In India Restaurants: You might see a 10% service charge added to the bill in some higher end restaurants. If the service charge isn’t on the bill then 5-10% is appropriate and should be given directly to the waiter.


Tipping In Bars In India Bars: Similar to restaurants, you may see a service charge on the bill of about 10%. If not then you can give the bar tender 5-10% but this isn’t required.


Other Places TO Tip In India Other: You should also tip your guides and drivers when taking tours. A 200 rupee tip for a guide and about half that for the driver is a good tip for a day long tour. A group tour would be about a quarter of that amount.