Tipping In France

Tipping in France and its major cities can be a confusing as a tip is often included in the price. No matter if you are traveling to Nice, Paris, Cannes, or the remote villages the tipping etiquette is the same. France is known for its delicious food, kind people and breath taking scenery. Paris is home of the Eiffel tower, perhaps one of the most beautiful structures around the world. The whole country is worth exploring and is a must for anyone looking for an adventure. Use our tipping guide below to figure out when you should tip and when you shouldn’t on your travels around France.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In France Taxis: It is expected to tip the taxi driver about 10% of the fare.


Tipping In Hotels In France Hotels: You can tip the bell boy 1 Euro per bag. If staying at a nicer hotel then you should tip the maid 1-2 Euro a night.


Tipping In Restaurants In France Restaurants: A 15% service will be included on the bill, however it is still common to leave the change or round up. Even if the service was really good this still shouldn’t be more then 5%.


Tipping In Bars In France Bars: Like restaurants service is included in the bill so leaving the change for good service is considered polite.


Other Places To Tip In France Other: Though service is often included in most prices it is common to include an additional tip for very good service. This usually consists of leaving the change or rounding up. As always, if service was poor then you shouldn’t leave a tip at all!


Our Tip For France Our Tip: Heading to Paris? Check out these unique sightseeing tours and get a once in a life time opportunity.